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Applications - Which Application Should I Submit?

Which Application to Submit

This is a simpler question than you might think. Answer two (2) questions and you will know which application is the best for your current professional status/history. A "YES" to both questions means you may qualify to apply for licensure by universal recognition. 

REMINDER:  A "NO" to either question means you do NOT qualify to apply for licensure by universal recognition. You must apply by the standard application, Behavior Analyst Application for Licensure. 

1.  Do you have an active license as a behavior analyst that was issued by another state one or more years ago? (NOT BCBA certification)

  • If "YES", go to the next question.  
  • Remember, a state-issued BA license is NOT the national BCBA certification. Not all states offer licensure for BAs. Check the BACB's website here for the most up-to-date list of states that offer licensure for BAs. If this is a confusing question for you, most likely you are from a state that does not offer licensure for BAs. 

2.  Have you "established residence" in Arizona?

  • If "NO", you do not qualify to apply by universal recognition. 
  • Acceptable evidence regarding having established residence may be a copy of your AZ driver's license, or AZ motor vehicle registration, or rental, lease or mortgage contract for an AZ dwelling (with evidence of payment for rent or lease), or banking services in your name with an Arizona address, or proof of enrollment of your children in an Arizona school, etc. See the Board's substantive policy statement regarding residence determination. A list of acceptable evidence is on page 2. 

If you answered "YES" to both questions, above, you may qualify to apply for licensure by Universal Recognition under A.R.S. Section 32-4302. See the BA Applications page for more information about this pathway to licensure and to download the application, Behavior Analyst Application for Licensure by Universal Recognition