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  • Statutes and Rules - This page provides links to all the statutes and rules that govern the Board of Psychologist Examiners, as well as substantive policy statements issued by this Board. 
  • Psychologist and Behavior Analyst Rules - Official publication on the Secretary of State's website. 
  • Board Actions - Disciplinary actions issued in the last five years can be found listed on the Disciplinary Board Actions page. 
  • General Forms - This page provides some general forms including public record requests forms, claim and complaint forms, etc. 
  • Related Links - This page provides a number of links to sites that may be of interest to applicants and licensees, as well as the general public. 
  • License Renewals - Need to renew your license? Start here. 
  • Psychologist Applications - Looking for your options to apply to practice psychology in Arizona? Start here.
  • Behavior Analyst Applications - Looking for your options to apply to practice behavior analysis in Arizona? Start here.
  • EPPP - Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology - Looking for information and resources about the EPPP (pronounced E-Triple-P), Start here.
  • Extensions - Need to request an extension after being approved for the EPPP? Start here.
  • Accommodations - Need information about testing accommodations? Start here.
  • Public Record Requests - This form is utilized to request public records, including a licensee list, online from the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners. A person may obtain additional public records related to any licensee, including dismissed complaints and nondisciplinary actions and orders, by contacting the Board directly. (See A.R.S. 32-3214)