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Psychologist Applications


As of January 17, 2023, all  applications (and reapplications) for psychologists are now available online! The Board no longer accepts PDF and paper applications. If you have a PDF in process and have not yet submitted it, please use it as reference for your online application. Set up your account via the Applicant Portal to get started. 

Board Staff CANNOT: 

  • Advise what type of application to make. Please use the Table of Contents, below, to determine which application type is best for you. 
  • Advise if your doctoral program or supervised professional experience meets requirements. Only the Application Review Committee and the Board can make the determination whether or not an applicant meets requirements and is qualified for licensure in Arizona. Please see the Doctoral Programs FAQ for assistance in comparing your doctoral program and supervised professional experience(s) with Arizona's requirements. 
  • Answer question(s) relative to a statute or rule and how it applies to you. This constitutes a request for legal advice or interpretation of statutes. Please consult an Arizona attorney familiar with regulatory law for an answer to your questions.
  • Mentor applicants through the application process.  Please contact an association dedicated to support of the psychology profession in Arizona such as the Arizona Psychological Association (AzPA) or the Southern Arizona Psychological Association (SAPA).
Table of Contents:
  1. Where Do I Start? 
  2. What are the Three Pathways to Apply for a Psychologist License in Arizona?
  3. Instructions and List of Materials Needed for Online Applications - There are a total of 11 types of applications for psychologists than can be made, and the instructions and materials needed to complete an application varies with each type. See this link for a list of applications. Click on the application of your choice to see a comprehensive list of materials needed for that application. 
  4. Forms for Psychology Applications - This page lists all the forms an applicant may need to either submit, or have submitted by a verifier, such as supervised professional experience verifications, core program requirements, statement of citizenship, etc. Click on the name of the form to open/download the form to your computer. READ the instructions on this page for details regarding verifications in general, and instructions for each specific form. 
  5. Psychologist Application for Exam and/or Licensure 
  6. Psychologist Supervised Temporary License (must be enrolled in a postdoctoral professional supervised experience that meets requirements in A.R.S. § 32-2071(G))
  7. Psychologist Application for Licensure by Credential  
  8. Psychologist Application for Licensure by Universal Recognition  
  9. Telehealth Registry 
  10. Overview of Psychologist Applications Process
  11. Tips About the Application Process
  12. Application for Fee Waiver


Using the Online Applicant Portal 

  1. All applications are online only.
  2. Use the Chrome browser on a desktop or laptop computer.  Other browsers, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are not compatible and may result in errors. If using a MAC with Chrome is problematic, according to some users you may have a better experience with Safari. 
  3. Note that the online application may time out after 15 minutes of inactivity. Please have your documents ready for upload before starting.
  4. If you are not sure which application to make, go to #1 in the TOC, "Where do I start? "
  5. Board staff cannot advise you which application to make. The links on this page provide plenty of information regarding the three pathways to licensure (#2 in the TOC) to assist you to determine which pathway you qualify for.  Please do your research. 
  6. Arizona accepts APA or PCSAS accreditation of your doctoral program as proof that your program meets Arizona's coursework requirements per A.R.S. § 32-2071.01(C). If your doctoral program was APA or PCSAS accredited at the time you graduated, you do not need to submit the Core Program Requirements form. 
  7. Arizona also accepts regionally accredited doctoral programs that are not APA or PCSAS accredited as long as the program meets all the requirements in statutes and rules. It is the responsibility of the applicant to demonstrate to the Board that their non-APA or PCSAS accredited doctoral program meets all the requirements. For a "cheat sheet" to assist you in evaluating your education and training, download the PDF, "FAQ-How can I determine if a non-APA accredited doctoral program leads to licensure in Arizona?" 
  8. If your doctoral program was not APA or PCSAS accredited, you will need a copy of your transcript(s) to complete the Core Program Requirements form.
  9. See #3 in the TOC to go to your application's instructions and list of materials needed. The instructions are also on the first page of your online application. 
  10. See #4 in the TOC to download any needed forms. 
  11. Use the instructions and list of needed materials as your checklist. Take time to read the descriptions and explanations on the Instructions and Forms web pages, as well as the forms themselves.