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EPPP And the Arizona Board

  • The EPPP (pronounced Eē-Triple-Pē) is the national exam certain applicants for psychologist licensure must pass in order to be licensed in Arizona. The exam is developed and administered by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB). 
  • Since 1963, this standardized exam has assessed the core knowledge required to competently practice psychology independently.  
  • In 2020, after years of research and development, ASPPB launched a second part to the EPPP that assesses the core skills required for competent health service delivery. (Please see the EPPP Candidate Handbook for more information.)
  • At this time, if a qualified individual wishes to take the EPPP, they must apply for approval to take the exam from a state or provincial psychologist licensing Board.
  • Each Board has its own statutes, rules and policies regarding qualifications and requirements applicants must meet. Each Board has its own methods, processes, procedures and forms that are based on statute and rule requirements.  A Board can only do what the state or province's laws authorize. If a waiver of a requirement is not provided for in law, the Board cannot waive a requirement.  
  • The Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners (Board) became an early adopter of Part 2. As of November 1, 2020, new applicants who are not licensed are required to pass both parts of the EPPP in order to qualify for licensure.  Applicants must pass Part 1 before they can take Part 2. 
  • If an applicant holds an unrestricted license for independent practice in another state or province, having already passed Part 1-Knowledge, the applicant is "grandfathered in" and the requirement for a passing score on Part 2 is waived. There is no set amount of time an individual must be licensed in another state to qualify for this waiver. 
  • Apply for approval to sit for the EPPP by submitting the application, "Psychologist Application for Exam and/or Licensure". The application can be downloaded from the Psychologist Applications page of the Board's website. Use the first page of the application as your checklist for materials you need to submit and materials you need to cause to be submitted to administratively complete your application. 
  • If you have an ADA disability, please see How to Request Testing Accommodations for the EPPP.   
  • When the Board approves an applicant to sit for the EPPP, the approval is for BOTH PARTS of the EPPP, and is specific to the application submitted. It does not extend to any potential future applications or reapplications the individual might make to the Board.  
  • Upon approval by the Board, staff enters a workflow for approved applicants (now EPPP candidates) in Certemy, ASPPB's online platform, for BOTH parts of the exam at the same time. This allows a candidate to register for Part 2 ASAP after passing Part 1.
  • After providing authorization to ASPPB and assigning workflows for Part 1 and/or Part 2, the Arizona Board is not involved in any aspect of the exam scheduling process. 



  • Remember, per ASPPB's EPPP Candidate Handbook, registration fees are nonrefundable. If you need to reschedule your exam, your fees to ASPPB and Pearson Vue may not be refundable. Please see ASPPB's handbook for instructions regarding rescheduling of your exam. At this time, the instructions begin on pg 13, but may change without notice. 
  • If your one-year deadline is approaching and you don't feel confident about passing the exam for whatever reason, you may email the Board and request an extension of time to take the EPPP. Please see the FAQ regarding extensions for more information relative to extensions. 


Reapplications/Retake Requests

  • If a candidate does not achieve a passing score on Part 1 or Part 2, the candidate must reapply for approval from the Board to sit for the exam again. The reapplication form is NOT available on the website because it can be used only in specific circumstances.  A copy of the reapplication form is emailed to the applicant along with the Arizona Board's official EPPP score reporting letter. 
  • There is an optional retake request in Certemy.  However, Certemy's retake request is NOT part of the process for the Arizona Board's approval to retake the exam. You must submit a reapplication to the Arizona Board and it must be approved by the Board before staff can assign a new workflow for the exam. The reapplication fee to the Board is $200. 
  • This process is the same if a candidate does not achieve a passing score on Part 2. 
  • Per administrative rule R4-26-203.03, reapplications are new applications. The Board may base its decision on applicable forms and documents previously submitted including transcripts, supervised experience verifications, etc.  In most instances, reapplications require a new National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) self-query.  The NPDB self-query is valid for 6 months from the date it was processed (date listed in the upper right corner of the report).
  • If you have taken the exam three (3) times under any jurisdiction (state or provincial licensing board), you cannot "reapply" for the exam. You must "apply anew" by submitting a new, complete Psychologist Application for Exam and/or Licensure form. Every field must be filled out as if you have not applied before. However, your static documents such as official transcripts and supervised experience verifications will be copied to the new application. The fee to apply anew is $350.  

Supervised Temporary License & Eppp Retake Requests

  • Requests to retake the exam are handled differently for supervised temporary license (TL) holders. While the TL application fee is $200 and the issuance fee is $500, once issued, there is no additional cost to the Arizona Board for a TL holder to request approval to retake the exam. If a TL holder does not achieve a passing score on Part 1, the TL holder/EPPP candidate must use the one-page Retake Request form emailed by Arizona Board staff with the EPPP score letter to request approval to retake the exam. This one-page form is not available on the website.
  • There is also an option in Certemy to make a retake request. However, this retake request is only in the Certemy platform. It is not part of the process for the Arizona Board's approval to retake the exam. You must submit a completed retake request form to the Board and it must be approved by the Board before your retake request made in Certemy can be approved, and staff can assign a new workflow. This process is the same if a candidate does not achieve a passing score on Part 2.