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Online Applications - Instructions
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Instructions for Psychologist Online Applications

Visit "Where Do I Start?" for a high-level overview of Arizona's three main pathways to licensure for psychologists.

Instructions are included in the online applications. However, if you wish to review them before determining the best application for you to make, or to have them open in a different window as you complete the application, you may do so with the links below. 

All forms referenced in the instructions and list of materials for all psychologist applications may be downloaded from the Board's Forms page. 

  • Psychologist Application for Exam and/or Licensure:  There are six (6) sub-types of applications to make using this general application: 
  1. EPPP Only (Exam and/or Licensure App)
  2. EPPP and Licensure (Exam and/or Licensure App)
  3. Waiver - Passed EPPP Part 1, but not yet licensed independently (Exam and/or Licensure App)
  4. Waiver - Passed EPPP and licensed in another state or province for less than 10 years (Exam and/or Licensure App)
  5. Waiver - Passed EPPP and licensed in another state or province for at least 10 years, but less than 20 years (Exam and/or Licensure App)
  6. Waiver - Passed EPPP and licensed in another state or province for 20 years or more (Exam and/or Licensure App)

PLEASE NOTE:  The reapplication form is ONLY for AZ-Board-approved EPPP candidates who have taken the EPPP, did not meet the pass point, and want approval from the AZ Board to take the exam a second or third time. DO NOT USE unless instructed to do so in the Board's official EPPP Score letter.

If this is your fourth attempt, you must apply anew and submit a detailed written study plan. Therefore, you do not qualify to use the reapplication form. To apply anew, you must use one of the following applications:

  • EPPP Only,
  • EPPP and Licensure, or,
  • Supervised Temporary License and EPPP - MUST be enrolled in a postdoctoral supervised training program that meets the requirements in A.R.S. Section 32-2071(G).