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Mission Of The Board

The mission of the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of Arizona citizens by licensing and regulating the professions of Psychology and Behavior Analysis.

Scam Alert!

Board staff is aware that some licensees have received telephone calls from persons claiming "suspicious activity" related to their licenses. The calls might appear legitimate as our main office number is displayed.  Please disregard these calls entirely as they are not legitimate and are likely intended for nefarious purposes. Board staff would never place a call to any licensee to make such a claim. Additionally, Board staff phone numbers are blocked and would not appear in Caller ID.  The Board cautions license holders against sharing personal, medical, or financial information with unknown individuals who claim to be from this Board. 




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PSYPACT Commission Proposed Rules

The Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact (PSYPACT) Commission has published Proposed Rules for consideration and comment.  The Proposed Rules can be found HERE.

These Proposed Rules are open for

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Questions About A Psychologist?

Have questions or concerns about a psychologist? Click below to learn about client rights, safe practice, and the complaints process.


Questions About A Behavior Analyst?

Have questions or concerns about a behavior analyst? Click below to learn about client rights, safe practice, and the complaints process.

License Verification

Licensure inquiries and verifications may be made in this Directorywhich serves as primary source verification of the credential issued by the State of Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners. This is the only verification of licensure now provided. Please have the requesting agency view & print the verification. 

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Update Contact Information

Licensees must provide name and address changes within 30 days. Complete the Address and/or Name Change Form and email it to Krishna Poe

Behavior Analyst Applications

Interested in applying for licensure as a Behavior Analyst? Visit the BA Applications Page for resources, information and to download an application. 

Psychologist Applications

Interested in applying for licensure as a Psychologist? Visit the Psychologist Applications Page for resources, information and to download an application. 

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License Renewal

Need to renew your license but not sure where to start? See the instructions and link to the online Portal here. 

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Directory Search

Need to find a licensee? Visit the Directory Search page. You can search for behavior analysts and psychologists on the Board's Thentia-powered license look up. If you need to verify a temporary license, directories for these are also available on this page. 

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EPPP Resources

Looking for information about the EPPP? Visit the Board's EPPP Resources page for the Board's role in approving applicants to take the EPPP and links to other resources. 

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FAQ-How to Request an Extension

Already approved to take the EPPP but your one-year deadline is approaching and you don't feel ready to sit for the exam? You may request a six-month extension. See this page for details and a step-by-step how-to. 

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Small Business Bill of Rights

Licensing boards are required to provide the public with a copy of Arizona's small business bill of rights. 

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Complaints, Claims and Reporting a Criminal Charge

Looking for information about how to file a complaint or claim? Are you a licensee needing to report a criminal charge or misdemeanor? Visit the investigations page for details.