Arizona Behavior Analyst Licensure Basics

This information is presented as a courtesy to prospective applicants for behavior analyst licensure. Board staff cannot provide advice or guidance relative to an individual's choice of education and training, or whether these qualify the individual for licensure. Please consult an attorney for interpretation of Arizona law and consider seeking application mentoring from an Arizona licensed behavior analyst, or a behavior analyst membership association.

  1. All requirements for Arizona licensure are provided in Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) and the Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C. or Rules). Both the rules and statutes have the force of law.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to compare their education and training to the Board's statutes and rules before applying for licensure.   
  2. The statutes regulating the licensure and practice of Behavior Analysis in Arizona are encompassed in Article 4: Licensure starting with A.R.S. Section 32-2091.   
  3. Sections 32-2091.02 & 2901.03 list the basic qualifications, education and training requirements for licensure as a behavior analyst.  Please note, the only national certification board recognized by the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners is the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB).  
  4. Rules further define the statutes, providing more details. Article 4 in the Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C. or Rules) lists the coursework required for licensure under R4-26-405.  Other education requirements are listed in R4-26-404.1.  Applicants are responsible for ensuring their education meets these requirements.
  5. When applying for BCBA certification with the BACB, the BACB's 2022 Eligibility Requirements handbook is an important resource. The Arizona Board does not have involvement in this process.
  6. In the same Rules document, R4-26-404.2 provides the detailed requirements for the minimum 1,500 hours of supervised experience/fieldwork required to qualify for licensure. If you have not completed 1,500 hours of supervised fieldwork that meets all the requirements in this Rule, you may not qualify for licensure in Arizona. 
  7. Again, in the Rules, R4-26-404 states, " To be licensed as a behavior analyst in Arizona, an individual shall take and pass the examination administered by the BACB for Board Certified Behavior Analysts as part of its certification process."  If you have not taken and passed the exam for BCBA certification, you may not qualify for licensure as a Behavior Analyst in Arizona. 
  8. Only the Committee on Behavior Analysts and the Board can make the determination whether or not an applicant meets requirements and is qualified for licensure in Arizona.