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Psychologist Licensure by Credential

Online Application - $350 Fee

You do not have to live in Arizona to be licensed in Arizona with this application pathway. Note: A state license is not considered a credential in this context. You must hold one of the three credentials accepted by the Board (ABPP, CPQ or National Register HSP) when applying by credential. If you do not hold one of these three credentials, you do not qualify to apply for licensure by credential. 

  • Issued under A.R.S. § 32-2071.01:  Requirements for licensure; remediation; credentials 
  • For applicants who hold a credential recognized by the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners: 
  • Yes Answers to Declaration Questions:  For the declaration questions in this application, if the answer is "yes", appropriate documentation is required. Please see the PDF  "Appropriate Documentation for "Yes" Answers" for a list of the associated documentation or evidence that the applicant must submit to the Board if the applicant’s answer to the question is “yes”.
  • License Verifications: Primary source verification of all licenses you hold or have ever held to practice psychology or any other profession are required, regardless of the status of the license (e.g., active, inactive, expired, revoked, etc.) Please provide the email address, [email protected], for electronic delivery from your other licensing board(s).  
  • See the instructions and complete list of materials required for this application on the Instructions page
  • See the Forms page to download any forms listed in the instructions page.  
  • What you need to know about the application process

Go to the Applicant Portal to apply online for licensure by Credential. 


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