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Psychologist Applications and Forms

All Applicants

Application for Fee Waiver 

  • If your household income is 200% or more below the federal poverty level, you may qualify for an application fee waiver.  See page 1 of the form for instructions. 

Appropriate Documentation for "Yes" Answers to Professional Conduct Questions

  • All applicants with a 'yes' answer for a professional conduct question must submit the appropriate documentation with the application. Your application will not be administratively complete until the appropriate documentation as listed in this application tool have been received.  

Submissions Portal for Psychologists  

  • Applications materials should be uploaded to the submissions portal. If your employer's firewall does not allow access, please email the materials to [email protected].  Please use this email for license verifications and official transcripts, also. 

Universal Recognition Application

Psychologist Application for Licensure by Universal Recognition

  • This Board does not have reciprocity with other states or provinces. This is the closest licensure pathway to "reciprocity". 
  • You must have established residence in Arizona and be licensed for one (1) or more years in another state to qualify to apply for licensure by Universal Recognition.
  • Residence Determination - See page 2 of the Board's Substantive Policy Statement regarding what the Board considers acceptable types of evidence for having established residence.
  • Go to the Arizona State Legislature's website to read the statute authorizing licensure by universal recognition: A.R.S. § 32-4302


Credential Application

Psychologist Application for Licensure by Credential

  • The Arizona Board recognizes ABPP, CPQ and National Register credentials only. 
  • Must be licensed for 5 or more years in another state to qualify and hold one of the above credentials to qualify to apply by credential. 

General Application for Psychologists

All applicants who do not qualify to apply by universal recognition or credential, please use this application for licensure.

Psychologist Application for Exam and/or Licensure