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Psychologist & Behavior Analyst Telehealth Registry


AZ Telehealth Registry

A.R.S.§ 36-3606 requires a health care provider who wishes to practice via telehealth into Arizona to Register with the applicable Arizona Healthcare provider Board before providing telehealth services to patients in Arizona. This Registration is not an unrestricted license to practice in Arizona. If you wish to obtain an unrestricted license you will need to apply for a license.

To access the registry application, click on the icon, "Arizona Telehealth", above. 


BEHAVIOR ANALYSTS:  Telehealth registration DOES NOT grant supervision privileges. For trainees accruing supervision hours for licensure, supervision by an Arizona licensed behavior analyst is required. Therefore, supervision hours provided by a BCBA who is registered through the telehealth registry but is not licensed, will not count toward a trainee's supervised experience.